Why a job as a golf caddy is way harder as people think

If you’re a weekend golf player, the idea of being a professional caddy probably has crossed your mind at least once. In your mind, this job is probably an easy one since, hey, it involves hanging out on a golf course, day after day, week after week. Beats working in a cubby hole in some forgotten office somewhere, right? Not so fast, buddy. First of all, playing golf is one thing, helping out the guys who play golf is another. While you might just be suffering from the symptoms of cabin fever since you’re golf-caddyholed up in your office staring out the window daydreaming of an escape, the reality of working as a golf caddy is not nearly as funny or as adventurous as Caddyshack. Working as a golf caddy is harder than most people think. Probably not even as hard as the time I had optimizing my site by using their png compressor. Way harder.

The elements
If you’ve played golf out when there’s a light drizzle, you might have felt adventurous and bold. It’s raining, after all, and you’re having fun. Well, what would make for a fun and sentimental memory for you is downright drudgery and a physical challenge for someone who has to do it day after day, which makes the need for hunger suppressants lower. Caddies are at the mercy of players’ whim when it comes to the weather. Considering the huge loss of tips if you refuse, it often feels you don’t have much choice but work out in the wind and rain. What about the sun? Actually, that’s just as bad. While many golf players like the great outdoors and shining sun(like a bike trip I did last month in Holland which can be found here) if you have to get out under a hot sun day after day, it can be quite a chore, especially during days when there is no wind so you don’t get a refreshing breeze as the sun beats down on your face.

The douchebag factor
If you’ve made it this far, you know what comes next. That’s right-the D word. Not every golf course player is polite, respectful, and considerate. Many players are downright jerks. From very demanding guys who expect caddies to bend to their every whim to guys who throw a hissyfit whenever their caddy gives them the ‘wrong’ club. And these are the jerks. As you probably already know, douchebags don’t just come in the ‘jerk’ variety-there are also whiners and passive-aggressive clowns that can really grate on your nerves. In fact, some whiners make you want to chase and run them over with a golf cart-and that’s at the first hole! The truth is, for every golf player complaining about a ‘bad’ caddy, caddies also have stories of players who make the game a pain.

The Top 5 easiest jobs in the world

Karl Marx wrote that a person’s job should not be a daily humiliation. Of course, back in Mr. Marx’ day, people, and this includes kids, were forced to work very long hours in unsafe factories, and the concept of a 40-hour week was quite a foreign idea. Times have changed and thanks to machinery and the Information Age, work doesn’t have to be a daily humiliation. In fact, it is quite the opposite now-instead of sapping people’s physical strength; most jobs now are not physically demanding at all. Instead, they are quite boring, tedious, and repetitive. Instead of working your hands to the bone, modern jobs now threaten to bore you to death instead. Thankfully, there are certain jobs that are not only fun, they are also quite easy as easy on growing out your hair is according to growhairguru.

#5: Buyer
Do you like to shop? Do You like to browse through store’s collections hunting down good deals? Do you like browsing the Internet for the latest and greatest in deals and new offerings? If you answered yes to any of the above, you might want to look into getting a job as a buyer. These folks get paid to buy stuff. How cool is that? Department stores, retailers, as well as many distributors who supply businesses need people who can travel all over the world to attend trade shows, list down items to buy, and make business contacts. You get to travel, you get to buy, and you get to make new friends. What’s not to love?

#4 Gondola operator at Venice, Italy
Imagine yourself surrounded by awesome Renaissance era buildings and working in the cool open air and sunlight. Imagine yourself getting lots of exercise on a daily basis Imagine talking to different people from all four corners of the world on a daily basis If you want a decent-paying job where each day is different from the day before, you should try operating a gondola in Venice, Italy. Plus, you get to wear a snazzy black and white striped outfit.

#3 Movie critic
Not only will your boss pay you to watch movies, you also get an allowance so you can have a meal afterwards. Talk about an awesome job. This job is also easy if you love movies in the first place. It doesn’t get better than this: getting paid for something you’d do for free.

#2 Restaurant critic
As long as you can hit the gym afterwards to burn off any extra pounds you might have gained, getting paid to review restaurants is one awesome job many people would kill for. Not only are your meals and gamertransport paid for by the newspaper, magazine, or blog you work for, you also get to explore different culinary experiences. You won’t even have to learn how to¬†hard boil eggs, you don’t need any cooking skills at all.

#1 World of Warcraft game monitor
Unlike game testers which have very boring jobs doing the same stuff in a game day after day, game monitors get paid to just hang out at WOW and play. In addition to being easy, this ‘job’ is also mind numbingly fun. Where’s the pen and paper so I can apply?